Woman down

Hey Friend,

How are you?

So Older Miss came back from her trip and – you’re not gonna believe this, but peace reigned in our home for a full hour! The girls were so pleased to see each other that it was all “No – you have the last sweet” and “No – you read the comic first. I’ll wait.”

I’m sorry? Who are you and what have you done with my daughters?

I don’t know what triggered the first spat but the screeching of each others names told me the blissful ‘I’ve missed you so much’ phase was at an end (eye-rolls galore…).

I am surprisingly well after a bout of sickness at the weekend – in fact, the whole E clan was out for the count. It was a sickness of epic proportions – bodily fluids exploding from both ends (sorry – too much info, I know but you’re only reading about it and not actually living it so toughen up)! Normally, I don’t get that sick – because, you know, Mum’s are super human and all that… But seriously, I couldn’t even pick up Bubs I was that out of it. So, it was over to Mr E to take care of everyone… Hmmm… When my Mum suddenly showed up at the front door I was so┬ápleased to see her, assuming Mr E had called for back-up. No – actually Older Miss sent out a distress signal via text message:

Nanny, please will you come as everyone is sick. Please… (several crying face emojis)

Mr E proceeded to stomp about a bit mumbling that he wasn’t completely incapable of looking after us… Hey – I was not involved!

Thankfully, everyone is back to normal now and I’ve spent a week catching up on the things I didn’t get to do when I was ill –┬álike cleaning the carpet where Little Miss chucked up (whose idea was it to have pizza anyway?). By the way, cleaning up sick when you feel sick is enough to make you… sick.

Oh, and Bubs has also been ill and managed to do a poop that leaked on the carpet – so now there is a orangey patch from the pizza vomit and a smaller yellow patch from the baby poo. The second lot of carpet cleaner I used has done a better job than the first one but I know the faint orange/yellow tinge is there – the untrained eye wouldn’t notice it of course and at least Little Miss isn’t constantly saying her room smells of sick (as if it was someone else that projectile vomited bits of sweetcorn all over the carpet)…

But like I said, all back to normal now – girls bickering over who left that book on the floor (or whatever other thing they feel is of major importance that day); Bubs is back to trying to destroy my home – which consists of pulling everything down off any surface that he can reach and then slobbering all over it – by the way, I read a something a while back that said you shouldn’t worry about babies putting everything in their mouths as they have their own built-in anti-bacterial thingy-ma-jig. Does that mean my dribble covered picture frames that sat on the coffee table are now germ free??

Back to normal also means my ironing pile is out of control – does anyone actually iron any thing anymore? I’d rather sleep.

Speak soon x