World Book Day


You’re not gonna believe this but it’s World Book Day this week and I am actually prepared for once!!  I know, will wonders never cease?  I am just as amazed as you are, believe me!  I mean who invented this day anyway? Yes, children reading – wonderful thing. Children wearing costumes to school? And having to pay for the privilege? Not so wonderful.

The letter came home with the girls on Friday so I had a whole weekend to prepare – normally I get told about these things the day before or – parenting fail – I forgot.  So this year I am actually making – yes, you read that right –  I’m making their costumes!  It’s been forever since I got the sewing machine out so it’s a wonder I remember what to do but Older Miss (OM) has decided she wants to be Mary Poppins.  I immediately started hyperventilating – what does she wear again? A black coat? OM cried “No!” in horror. She went on to inform me that I needed to make her a blue skirt and jacket and she needs a hat and an umbrella.  Hmmm… the words ‘not gonna happen…’ crept through my mind whilst my Little Miss (LM) went through her book of fairy tales and pointed to every female character saying “I could be her, or I could be her, or I could be her…”  OM is still going on about her umbrella…

LM points to another character “…I could be her..”-  Yes!  I say – be Little Red Riding Hood – I can make a cape! Ha!  Who was I kidding! But I’ll come back to that. After scouring the internet we found an image of Mary Poppins with a long skirt, white blouse, an apron with a red ribbon bow around her neck.  That’s it – that’s what we’re going with.

I started sewing yesterday a rather crudely cut skirt and apron – not to your standards at all – hardly any finished hems! But the skirt and apron are done – OM will wear one of her school shirts and I’ll cut a ribbon.  Done.

As for the cape – easy peasy, right? Ha!  Thanks for your advice on the hood – I found some help on the net in the end and just cut it out freehand.  I’m trying to put it together whilst the boy – who, at 6 months, has just learned to pull himself about – is getting into mischief. He seems to have a fascination with Mr. E’s crocs (yes, Mr. E has crocs…) and the wheels on his desk chair. I’ve had to put the basket of ‘to be ironed’ (never going to happen) clothes in front of the chair to stop him getting to it!

Anyway, I’ve got to get on or I’ll never get these costumes finished.  Hopefully the hood is big enough for LM’s head – it looks pretty small…

Hope you’re having a good day.

Speak soon x