Hey there!

I’m Mrs E and, amongst my many other talents, I am Mum to two girls (Older Miss and Little Miss), my boy (A.K.A Bubs) and wife to Mr E (sometimes described as the forth child but we won’t go there today…).

I used to work in the Fashion Industry – my heart was never really in it. What I really wanted to do was write and before I started this blog I would send a never-ending supply of emails to my genius friend (she really is a genius) to get me through the day. Sometimes those emails would be short and sweet and sometimes they would be as long as the day, putting the world to rights and trying to make sense of the crazy life situation that only seemed to happen to us!

This blog is about my life told through the emails I wrote to my friend to keep me sane! Hopefully they kept her sane too and maybe – just maybe, will bring a little smile to your face too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs E