Breakfast treat – two words that do not go together…


So, you’re not gonna believe this but it’s half term again (I know, right?).

Weeks ago, Little Miss and I found this recipe for ‘morning muffins’ – really healthy ‘cakes’ (I use the word loosely) made with oats and Greek yogurt amongst other things. As a treat I thought I’d make them one day this week seeing as it’s half term and we’re not rushing off to do the school run. Well, that’s where it all went wrong – right at the start.

I was up with Bubs early as usual – gave him breakfast and started grating apples (you see what I mean now when I said ‘cake’…). It was only after I’d grated said apples that I realised I didn’t have any oats. Determined not to be beaten I searched the net for a recipe for ‘normal’ muffins only to realise I didn’t have any butter (can you sense the eye rolls?)… I wasn’t giving up. With the grated apples slowly turning brown I tried one more search and found a recipe with oil as a substitute. Now, I know my girls – anything remotely different to the norm is met with a whiny “I don’t like it” without anything even passing their lips. So I knew this whole batch of muffins would be a failure when Older Miss walked in just as I was pouring coconut oil into the mixture (yeah, I’m one of those people who have coconut oil to hand). Her immediate response was “I don’t like coconut” – I just wanted to throw the whole lot away right then – would have been a whole lot easier than the next bit.

I pressed on regardless – the girls even helped to mix – we got them into the oven and they both went on about how good they smelled and how they couldn’t wait to eat them. Quick lesson – what children say and what they do 5-10 minutes later will not always be the same – in fact, they’ll rarely be the same. I, allowed myself to be sucked in to this false sense of security and believed it would all be fine – they would love the delicious smelling muffins, coconut oil and everything.


I made them wait a bit longer so the muffins could cool down (they were on the edge of their seats now – are they ready yet? Can we have one yet?). And then the moment arrived….

Little Miss managed four bites to Older Misses two – surprise of the century – they didn’t like them. So there I was with a whole tray of muffins to eat by myself. So as I shovelled my third muffin into my mouth whilst glaring at my children all I could think about was starting the day again – this time with cereal…

That’s the last time I contemplate a ‘treat’ for breakfast.

Excuse me whilst I roll my portly body across the floor for another muffin (only 5 more to go)….

Speak soon x

4 thoughts on “Breakfast treat – two words that do not go together…

  1. Mrs E I applaud you for not throwing the muffins at the wall after that effort!!! I feel torn inside as I can on hand understand your children (yes I did and still do the same to my mum), but on the hand I feel for you as you worked so hard!!! Either way I loved this post – I have not laughed out loud so much, I know I am laughing at your misery – but it is soooooo funny!!!

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    1. Yes – laughing at my pain, Shireen!! 🙂
      And if you’re still doing this to your mum, you’re not giving me any hope that things are going to improve! x


  2. FYI: I also dislike coconut in cakes!!!
    just a thought, I guess it was a good thing you never tried to make beetroot cakes!

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