Happy Mother’s Day

Hey there,

You’re not gonna believe this but yesterday was Mother’s Day and I spent a big chunk of it childless – the irony is not lost on me but it was blissful all the same.

Having woken up with a miserable cold and not being able to enjoy the obligatory Mother’s Day lie in (Mr E was working and came in with the sunrise so I couldn’t really expect him to get up half hour later to get the baby) it wasn’t the best start to my Mother’s Day. There I was, up at the crack of dawn, trying to stem a steady stream of snot whilst lifting Bubs out of the crib. I proceeded to sit on the sofa feeling sorry for myself whilst trying to muster the strength to get Bubs his breakfast.

Whilst I sat wallowing, in walks Older Miss with a sunny “Good morning, Mummy! Good morning Bubs!” I feel a little less sorry for myself – that’s two happy children so far – the smallest of which was trying to break my glasses and gouge out my eyes – but all done in love, of course.

A few minutes later, in walks the Little Miss with a sleepy but smiley “Happy Mother’s Day, Mummy!” I smile a bit more. She then rushed off to get the card she made in which she wrote ‘you make me feel safe when you’re near’. Cue me bursting into tears! Three happy children who I’ve made feel safe – even with the snot, I rock.

Fast forward a few hours when I’m feeling rougher. At that point I don’t want to listen to another joke. I don’t find it funny that Bubs wants to stick his finger in my eye or pull my hair and I don’t have the brain power to have a conversation about teddies having real feelings (because apparently, they do). I was no longer ‘rocking-it’ so you can imaging just how overjoyed I was to get in and find Mr E was home (I thought he was working) and quickly set to guilting him into taking the children out to the park. He sighed a bit but I reminded him it was Mother’s Day and he couldn’t really argue with that so off they went! I waved them off and went on to enjoy a blissful afternoon soaking in the tub followed by falling asleep on the sofa.

So yes, Mother’s day without the actual reason for the day – my children. I love them dearly but I also love the occasional child-free afternoon watching one of my programmes and eating chocolate without having to share (yeah, I said it).

Speak soon xx