Sleep is for wimps…


You’re not gonna believe this but sleep deprivation is wonderful – no, seriously! Okay, no – not seriously. I do wonder if you ever get to sleep again after having kids. Even before Bubs arrived it was hit or miss if my girls – who are NOT babies – would wake me up. Maybe it was a bad dream, can’t sleep or, in the case of Little Miss – fell out of bed. We call her the starfish because of the fact that she can’t lay straight in bed – there have been a few times I’ve checked on her in the night to find her lying across the bed with legs dangling off the side – I have no idea how this is comfortable…

Anyway, as I said – the girls will always wake me. Maybe I’m a soft touch but I’ll always give them a cuddle and let them get in bed for a bit (NOT all night – I’ve had too many elbows to the face and knees to the stomach for that!). Mr E however, will send them straight back to bed so they don’t even bother trying.

Now we have Bubs thrown into the mix who, at 7 months, is doing great at sleeping through but not great enough that I get to sleep too. Doesn’t make sense? Let me explain – he does this whimpering thing at various points in the night. I hear the whimper and lay there awake wondering if this is going to turn into full-blown “feed me now!” crying or “I just turned over and wanted you to know” silence. Last night was the later. On repeat. Over. And. Over. Again.

Then there’s Mr E – whose snoring could wake the dead. Usually it’s just a case of getting him to sleep on his front (aaaah – Peace!) But sometimes – just sometimes – he sleeps on his front and snores like he’s trying to send out a signal to… I don’t know where. What do I do then?? Other than lay in bed wide awake, cursing his name?!

And how is it that he doesn’t hear Bubs when he does wake up? In fact, no one hears him but me – which I suppose is a good thing for the girls but seriously – isn’t that weird??

The best bit is getting up in the morning and Mr E and the girls are all bright and bushy-tailed and ask me “why are you so tired?” as if the ten full bags of shopping under my eyes had nothing at all to do with any of them.

Who needs to sleep anyway?

Speak soon x


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