Hey friend,

You’re not gonna believe this but my children are driving me to chocolate… Seriously. Yes, I’m saying that I hold them wholly responsible for my lack of will power. Let me give you an example – weekends (or random inset days, or general holidays from school…) – suddenly it’s as though they’ve never been fed!  And I have to listen to that same question on repeat for pretty much the whole day:

“Mummy, can we have a snack please?”

“A snack? Didn’t you just have breakfast?”

“We didn’t just have breakfast – that was ages ago!”

No, my love – it was actually an hour ago. No snack.

Eventually I cave, of course, just so I don’t have to hear that question again – but I do hear it again up until they’re going to bed I will hear that question at least 20 times for the entire day. Maybe that doesn’t seem like a lot but believe me – it is.

And then there’s the boy – Bubs – who enjoys putting everything in his mouth except the food I offer him, including – but not limited to:

Wires under the tv table; nappy sacks; the wheels on Mr.E’s desk chair; shoes; not to forget his own toys and of course, his hands.

The whole weaning malarkey was easy with the girls – they pretty much liked everything. Bubs? Not so easy. We were doing fine up until the time I introduced broccoli – it’s been downhill ever since. Now, instead of opening his mouth wide for a spoonful, he’ll crack it open just enough so I can get the tip in and he can taste it before he commits to a whole mouthful. Regardless of what it is he’ll pull a face that says “What the heck are you feeding me?” before realisation strikes and he discovers it’s not the dreaded broccoli but sweet potato – which he actually likes. You’d think after that he’d eat normally, right? No. Not right. Very, very wrong. My son appears to think I’m tricking him with every mouthful so he has to ‘taste’ each one. And he’s cottoned on to my little trick to make him smile one of his big, gummy smiles before dropping in a spoonful of food.  He now smiles with his mouth firmly closed.

Beaten by a 6 month old.

So, I may say every other week that I’m giving up chocolate but I think you’ll agree that I need it.

Take care, speak soon x


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