You’re not going to believe this but I actually achieved making pancakes on pancake day – I am rocking the Mum thing this week!  Spurred on by Little Miss – “Flip it, Mummy! Go on!” – and flip it I did! Cue cheers from the girls – the boy looked at me and then rolled over as if to say “but can you do this?” before commando crawling towards the basket with the ironing and drooling over a t-shirt (one of the girls tops so it’s fine).

I was on a roll – pancakes stacking up and looking great. Please know that this was not my idea – this was the idea of my two girls who have been talking about pancakes for days. Please also note that whilst I was showing off with all the pancake flipping, they were both wiping the drool off their chins whilst saying things like: “I can’t wait to eat them!” and “they smell so good!” I think you know where I’m going with this but humour me.

Older Miss (O.M) got a lemon out of the fridge, I sprinkled on the sugar, squeezed the lemon over – they rolled them up and went to sit down, still saying “they smell so good!” So tell me why, if they smell so good, did O.M take two – yes, TWO bites of said pancake and declare “I’ve gone off pancakes. Can I have something else?”

Are you kidding me??  This wasn’t even my idea! And I’ve just stood at the stove flipping for I don’t know how long just to be told she’s ‘gone off pancakes’? I tried to make sense of it but after questioning several times why she had gone off them I was still no closer to an actual answer. Plus, my pancakes were getting cold.

“Sure” I said, “have something else” and she proceeded to rummage through the fridge whilst I did a little happy dance at the thought of an extra pancake. I didn’t count on the Little Miss taking advantage of said dance – by the time I’d turned around, she’d already finished it.

“You snooze, you lose!”